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Give Young Horses Time to Mature – that is the leitmotif that guides Dieter Weichert.

„For me it is important that horses are not broken in spirit but learn to trust which creates a solid basis for all further training.“ An example of this: Only when the horse has found his balance on the lunge with side reins has the time come to get in the saddle.

The joy of working which motivates the horse to want to perform – that is what Dieter Weichert wants to build, preserve and promote. And a change in routine helps to promote this: Young horses should have an opportunity to jump loose along a jumping lane or ride over cavalettis with a rider for gymnastic exercise. And all of the horses are sent out hacking regularly in the neighboring woods and countryside. "There I can utilize the horse's natural joy of moving forward and it's also good for older horses when they learn piaffe and passage." 

Another key point that stands at the top of the list in the philosophy of Dieter Weichert's stables which is oriented to the classic art of riding: Preservation of the horse's personality.   "That is very important, especially for stallions. They must love their work – if they don't, they lose their personal magnetism and may even start to work against the rider."

And what about lessons? Here Dieter Weichert places great value on gymnastic exercises for the horse and the correct seat of the rider. The movements of the horse can only develop fully when emphasis is placed on these two points. 

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